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Who We are

Next-door Reptiles for sale is a reptile store that functions as an online market as well.Reptiles are our passion and we love what we do. Our team works hard to make sure you, the customer, get the products they want and can’t find anywhere else.

We all have been in the hobby for years, so we know our stuff! If you have any questions or just want to chat about your new pet, our staff is always happy to help.

It all started with my love of animals when I was young. I always had at least one “pet” growing up. Usually, it was some kind of lizard or snake that my mother would take me to buy every time there was a break in class. This continued until I moved out on my own. From there, I tried my hand at teaching and then finally managed a wildlife project for students where I picked up knowledge from other staff members and got creative with kids from around the area. One day I was looking through Craigslist just like anyone else would when their pets die or need re-homed and came across a guy who had been selling reptiles off of his front porch for years. The business-minded person I am, it seemed like a good idea to